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Staff Members

Name Department Designation Phone Email
Prof. Upasna Besra DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH Assistant Professor 8292935822 upasna_kb@yahoo.com
Dr. Dindayal Gupta DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHOLOGY Assistant Professor 8210184724 dindayalgupta1965@gmail.com
Dr. Anand Kumar DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHOLOGY Assistant Professor 7004427074 psychologysnsct@gmail.com
Dr. Kumar Gaurav DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS Assistant Professor 9709546375 kumargauraviitp@gmail.com
Dr. Ratan Mani Prasad DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS Assistant Professor 8709745933 ratanmaniprasad@gmail.com
Dr. Kunal Kumar Yadav DEPARTMENT OF POLITICAL SCIENCE Assistant Professor 8434285335 jnu.kunal@gmail.com
Dr. Manoj Kumar DEPARTMENT OF BOTANY Assistant Professor 8757950555 mk8757950555@gmail.com
Prof. Raj Kumar DEPARTMENT OF ZOOLOGY Assistant Professor 9212822058 raj12140in@gmail.com
Prof. Shashi Ranjan DEPARTMENT OF HISTORY Assistant Professor 7766912626 shashiranjan586@gmail.com
Dr. Ratnesh Kumar DEPARTMENT OF HINDI Assistant Professor 8135928584 ratneshsns1184@gmail.com
Prof. Shakti Kumar Paswan DEPARTMENT OF SANSKRIT Assistant Professor 7903809451 shaktikumarpaswan1970@gmail.com
Prof. Monawwer Alam DEPARTMENT OF URDU Assistant Professor 9835897937 monawweralam324@gmail.com
Sri Rakesh Gupta DEPARTMENT OF BCA B.C.A. Teacher 8271826262 rakeshtekari2@gmail.com
Sri Pankaj Kumar DEPARTMENT OF BCA B.C.A. Teacher 7903590957 Pankaj143kaj@gmail.com
Sri Mathura Prasad GENERAL DEPARTMENT H.A. 9835092646
Smt. Ranju Devi GENERAL DEPARTMENT Peon 8271784522
Sri Ranjit Kumar GENERAL DEPARTMENT Peon 9570535111
Sri Sanjeet Kumar ACCOUNTS DEPARTMENT R.C 9931246930
Smt. Asha Devi GENERAL DEPARTMENT Peon 9931535844
Smt. Sarswati Devi DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHOLOGY Peon 8051911548
Sri Prem Prasad GENERAL DEPARTMENT N.Guard 9801807233
Sri Shashi Bhushan Kumar PROCTORIAL DEPARTMENT Peon 9304857161
Sri Girja Ram GENERAL DEPARTMENT Sweeper 9546088107
Sri Sube Lal GENERAL DEPARTMENT Peon 9955918009
Sri Ram Kumar Singh DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY Peon 7250329760
Sri Thakur Sanjay Kr. Singh GENERAL DEPARTMENT R.C 9934495349
Sri Rahul Singh GENERAL DEPARTMENT R.C 9199562780
Sri Rohit Kr. Singh LIBRARY DEPARTMENT R.C 9939097071
Sri Sanjeev Kr. Mishra PROCTORIAL DEPARTMENT R.C 9430072444
Sri Satendra Kumar EXAMINATION DEPARTMENT R.C 9708061065
Sri Amlesh Kumar GENERAL DEPARTMENT R.C 9470470036
Sri Amit Kr. Singh COUNTER DEPARTMENT R.C 9097610100
Sri Rakesh Kumar GENERAL DEPARTMENT Assistant 6202106615
Sri Satendra Kumar (B) EXAMINATION DEPARTMENT Assistant 9507934945
Sri Ranjan Kumar GENERAL DEPARTMENT Assistant 9955371717
Sri C.D. Narayan WELFARE DEPARTMENT R.C 9431686209
Sri Mikku Kumar COUNTER DEPARTMENT R.C 8298279107
Sri Peeyush Shubham DEPUTATION DEPARTMENT R.C 7488689896
Sri Ashish Kumar DEPUTATION DEPARTMENT R.C 8651424883
Sri Deo Prakash Deo DEPUTATION DEPARTMENT Assistant 9155826965
Sri Sudhanshu Kr. Roy DEPUTATION DEPARTMENT Assistant 9955230888
Smt. Renu Kri. Mandal DEPUTATION DEPARTMENT Assistant 9304882090
Sri Ajay Shankar LIBRARY DEPARTMENT Assistant 9572111007
Sri Kr. Prabhat Ranjan DEPUTATION DEPARTMENT Assistant 9852657668
Dr. Ajay GENERAL DEPARTMENT Assistant 9931911239
Sri Raj Nandan Pd. Singh LIBRARY DEPARTMENT Shorter 9576464146
Sri Durgesh Kumar LIBRARY DEPARTMENT R.C 6204692107
Sri Dhirendra Kumar COUNTER DEPARTMENT R.C 9934813304